road to cardiac regeneration

The Road to Cardiac Regeneration

In this short video extract Professor Phei Er Saw, Executive Editor, BIOI, introduces a presentation from Professor Tan Jun Jie, Universiti Sains Malaysia, on The Road to Cardiac Regeneration:

The Road to Cardiac Regeneration

Heart failure is the number one killer worldwide with ~50% of patients dying within 5 years of prognosis. The discovery of stem cells, which are capable of repairing the damaged portion of the heart, has created a field of cardiac regenerative medicine, which explores various types of stem cells, either autologous or endogenous, in the hope of finding the “holy grail” stem cell candidate to slow down and reverse the disease progression. However, there are many challenges that need to be overcome in the search of such a cell candidate. In this presentation Professor Tan summarizes findings that explore the interactions between various stem cells in heart regenerative therapy.

A full video of this session from the webinar series, Medical and Industrial Integration and Precision Theranostics, held in August 2021, can be viewed at:

Medical and Industrial Integration and Precision Theranostics

Session details as follows:

1Emerging Nanomedicines for Diabetes Treatment: 00:00.30 – 00.32.10Jaison Jeevanandam, Centro De Quimica Da Madeira, University of Madeira, Portugal
2Multidisciplinary Team Approach: The Crux of Breast Cancer Management in the New Normal: 00.32.11 – 01:05.30Mok Chi Wei, Changi General Hospital. Singapore
3Applications of Artificial Intelligence Based Image Processing: 01:05.31 – 01:45.06Houari Sabarin, SkymatiX, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
4Road to Cardiac Regeneration: 01:45.07 – 02.21.36Tan Jun Jie, Universiti Sains Malaysia