Author Contribution and Agreement

Authorship credits should be based on:

– substantial contributions to the research concept and design, acquisition of data, and/or analysis and interpretation of data,

– drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content,

– final proofreading and approval of the version for publication.

Please mention the contribution made by each author, including research concept and design, data collection and analysis, writing the article, manuscript editing or other specific work.

If the editors judged that anyone in the author list has no substantial contribution to this work, they have the right to ask the corresponding author to justify or delete the name/s.

Corresponding author bears the full legal responsibility for the correctness of the contribution declared by each author.

Pleases indicate each author’s contribution(s) to this work in the following form:

Name of Author Affiliation Contributions

Author Agreement

To be published by      , the authors should warrant following agreements:

1. This work is original work accomplished by Author/s.

2. This work has not been published by any other third party, or submitted to any other third party for publication, and will not be published by any third party or submitted to any other third party for consideration.

3. The authors should warrant that there is no plagiarism in this work, including but not limited to

4. The order of authors listed in the manuscript has been approved by all of the authors.

5. If the authors fail to comply with the above agreement, the journal reserves the right to retract the manuscript, take legal action and pursue compensation.

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